Continuing to enrich our SpeedThru Installation team!

Installation SpeedThruWentworth Technology is dedicated to providing unsurpassed service to each and every customer. As part of that, we are continuing to provide even more resources in our already qualified Installation team- ensuring our customers are proved the ultimate experience with SpeedThru drive-thru headsets and our company!

Heav’nly Donuts Selects Wentworth Technology’s SpeedThru® for their Drive-thru Communication Needs.

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Check out this great press release! We are so happy to have Heav'nly Donuts as part of our family!

Saco, ME - March 5, 2012- Wentworth Technology announced today that Heav’nly Donuts has selected its SpeedThru® Drive-thru headset system for their communications needs.

Cool feature allows you to provide more personalized service

SpeedThru HeadsetSpeedThru’s unique headset system's design allows managers to not only listen to the drive-thru communications, but allows them to step in, with a simple touch of a button, and help an employee who may be in over-their-head with a customer.

Care and Feeding of the SpeedThru Headset Battery

SpeedThru headset BatteryLet's face it, you only think about your headset battery when it's dead. You put it on the charger, and hope for the best. At that point, a few questions quickly run through your mind. Does my battery have memory? How long will it last? Did it fully charge?

We go the distance!

Football field illustrates distance of SpeedThru Drive-thru headset rangeSo, we recently read about a different drive-thru headset system that is touting a “range” further than other headset systems… Well, they didn’t include us. Our headset system will get you 300 feet from the base station in any direction. (Ok, not the down direction!).

Making it easy to stay in “touch”.

soft touch buttonsAmazing what can happen with a simple touch.  With the recent advent of smartphones with their touch activated display screens, we all have become accustomed to the positive impact a simple touch can make. Both our SpeedThru headsets and base stations are built with similar soft touch technologies which allow you to simply and gently touch the unit to activate.

We've nailed it! Another morale boost for employees.

SpeedThru's touch buttons protects manicuresSometimes it can be the smallest things that really impact the flow at your drive thru. In this case it can be a big, small thing: fingernails. Yes, you read that correctly. Many employees working in the drive-thru spend a great deal of energy maintaining decorative and long fingernails.

Three Reasons Why Headset Comfort is More Than Just Weight

When you research headsets, you’ll hear all about weight. “Weighs less than X”. Or “So lightweight, only Y ounces!”

Weight isn’t the only factor

That’s all great. Typically things that are really heavy, aren’t comfortable on your head. But once you get down to a certain weight, there are more factors that make something comfortable.

1. Pressure points

SpeedThru™, the ultimate in well-thought-out comfort. Eight Integrated comfort features.

We really believe comfort is a highly overlooked feature of a headset system, and that makes us…well, uncomfortable. Many others simply worry about size and weight. But small and light things can still hurt- think of a paper cut, a splinter or a tiny pebble in your shoe. Of course, we wanted our solution to be lightweight. And we are right in line with the competition. But we looked at each and every component and made sure that it was designed from the ground up to provide you all-day wearing comfort.  Here’s an overview of some of our impressive “comfort” attributes:

Another Unexpected Benefit of Quiet

SpeedThru quiet benefitWe can talk all day about the traditional benefits of noise cancellation technologies which provide clearer communications between the customer at the speaker and the staff inside the restaurant, including the order taker.