Durability & Reliability


Durability of QSR headsetCommunication Systems in QSR's take continuous abuse.  They never get a break from employees or the work environment. Every component of the SpeedThru headset was designed to be the most robust on the market today. Many of these attributes you'll see right away. Others you will appreciate as the months go by and it keeps on working and working and working... All this lowers your total cost of ownership for the whole system.

• Proprietary polymer plastics used in the headset provides superior strengths– Tough, rigid, medical grade resin with impressive temperature and chemical/grease/oil resistance
• Capacitive Touch Switches eliminates failure prone mechanical buttons, provides a more sanitary smooth surface and eliminates moisture entry points
• Solid surface design of the SpeedThru headset eliminates buttons resulting in superior water and chemical resistance reducing failures and allowing for easier cleaning.
• Unlike competitive headsets, the SpeedThru's robust Integrated Boom Design eliminates the frequent boom breakage experienced with competitor’s headsets.
•Our shorter boom, less likely to be used as handle to remove headset
•Our touch screen base station eliminates unreliable buttons while incorporating a more intuitive graphic interface.

Speedthru™ Drive thru headset systems help your customers speed through your drive-thru!