Cool feature allows you to provide more personalized service

SpeedThru HeadsetSpeedThru’s unique headset system's design allows managers to not only listen to the drive-thru communications, but allows them to step in, with a simple touch of a button, and help an employee who may be in over-their-head with a customer. This gives the manager the opportunity to not only save the sale and improve the customer experience but also use this tool as a training aid with new employees! No other drive-thru headset system allows this unique management tool. “We have a customer location where the manager couldn't do without this feature. She uses this feature as a way to simply drop in on an order and personally greet her favorite repeat customers. The customers love the specialized attention her warm welcome gives them, which keeps them coming back again and again,” said Sherman Dye, VP of Sales. Isn't that what providing good service is all about? We love helping our customers do just that!
*Note: this cool feature only works when the headset is not in “listen only” mode.