Making it easy to stay in “touch”.

soft touch buttonsAmazing what can happen with a simple touch.  With the recent advent of smartphones with their touch activated display screens, we all have become accustomed to the positive impact a simple touch can make. Both our SpeedThru headsets and base stations are built with similar soft touch technologies which allow you to simply and gently touch the unit to activate. This requires little to no effort on your part. You simply touch the right spot and the unit responds appropriately! We incorporated this feature for several reasons. First, it is extremely simple to use. We like simple, intuitive and easy- you pick what you’d like to call it. Next, the touch actuation eliminates all sorts of potential failure points. Traditional buttons are mechanical parts that, with repeated activation, wear down and eventually weaken and break. Also, traditional buttons require a gaping hole in the case. Therefore, food, grime, cleaning chemicals, water and other particles can seep into the small openings that exist between these buttons and the adjoining surface resulting in damage to the components inside. Now, you know none of this is good for the printed circuit boards and electronics housed inside. If you are fortunate enough that the internal items don’t fail, the buttons themselves can become clogged, which prevents activation rendering the unit inoperable.. This is when you will need to get in touch with your repair company.  With SpeedThru drive thru headset system touch technology, you will never be out of touch with your customers and associates. Touching, isn’t it?