Wentworth Technology Beliefs

By Dick Hale, President and CEO

  • Wentworth Technology is a company that designs, manufacturers, and sells, Industrial Headsets, Headset Systems, and Accessories.
  • The company is a market driven company that uses creative product development and advanced technology to achieve leading market share positions and a market generated reputation as “The best in the Business”.
  • The company will treat its employees, customers, vendors and competitors with professional and personal respect at all times, regardless of the situation.
  • The company will always understand that making a profit is essential to the survival of the company and is the lifeblood of the ability of the company to provide a return to its shareholders and to provide a clean, safe, and continuous long-term place of employment.
  • The company will adhere to the maintenance of a non-threatening work environment where mutual respect, hard work, and honesty are recognized and valued.
  • The company recognizes that all employees are valuable and important regardless of position, title, or compensation.  The fundamental recognition that on a team, the shipping clerk and receptionist are just as important to the success of the company as the President.
  • The company recognizes and respects the fact that the first step toward enlightenment and learning is the statement that “I don’t know”. Fostering an environment where it is ok “not to know” strengthens the old statement that “knowledge without eloquence is of little value and service, but eloquence without knowledge is frequently of injury, and of service – never”.
  • The company understands that decision making is in the end, a solitary duty but should be accomplished with the broadest input and participation allowable within the time frame available.
  • The company acknowledges that mistakes are a part of life and that nobody will get into trouble if they make a mistake, only if they try to cover it up or to falsely transmit responsibility. The company understands that mistakes and resultant problems if caught quickly can be fixed and that they represent a learning opportunity.


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