Simplified headset operation and ease of use

Intuitive, easy and simple design  WE LIKE MAKING THINGS EASY. In addition to providing the most robust and clear sounding solution, The SpeedThru drive-thru headset system includes intuitive and automatic functionality so setting up and using the system is hassle free. All processes have been streamlined to allow you to focus on what is important- running your business.


Simplified headset operation.

•Imbedded intuitive software allows for fewer buttons on the headset than the competition – 3 button design, vs 4-5 button designs with competition, making it less confusing and easier to use.
•No shutting off and re-starting headsets in the middle of a rush to change settings.

Touch screen base station

•Like the SpeedThru headset, the SpeedThru basestation uses a touch screen interface instead of unreliable buttons.

•The Graphic interface is more intuitive so you can set up and make changes without having to memorize a large bulky manual. The base station requires only minimal button presses to get to the most commonly used functions. 

Speedthru™ Drive thru headset systems help your customers speed through your drive-thru!