Comfort is king

SpeedThru comfort iconEvery component of the SpeedThru headset was designed with user comfort in mind.

Larger and cupped ear cushions: more evenly distributes weight.

Dual headbands: the angled headbands cradle the rounded contours of your head and distributes weight more accurately for better comfort and stability. Headsets stay on your head, not the floor.

Stainless steel headbands: Allow you to tighten or loosen the grip of the headset with a gentle twist of the headset itself. Coated with a gentle rubber coating.

Padding: Strategically placed forgiving pads on the battery side provide a gentle grip for stability and comfort.

Balanced weight distribution. The components on the headset are evenly placed on the left and right sides to promote even weight distribution.

Adjustable fit: 7 full size positions to fit any size head.

Contoured battery housing: Carefully contoured both vertically and horizontally to mimic the shape of you head.

Rounded edges: All surfaces that come in contact with your head have gentle curvatures, eliminating any possible pressure points.

Speedthru™ Drive thru headset systems help your customers speed through your drive-thru!