We are so fortunate to have such great customers from such wonderful companies- including more than 30 of the QSR 50! Here's just a sampling of the great things they've been saying about us... Thank you all!

 dunkin donuts log “The installation of the new SpeedThru Drive-thru communication system went well. The employees are happier with the new system.  The headsets are comfortable to wear and durable as well. For both the employee taking orders and for the customer the communication process has become much easier. Our employees continue to comment on how clear the sound is from the headsets, how comfortable they are compared to the previous ones, and how easy it is to communicate with the guests even with the background noise that would have made it impossible before. Our guests have commented on how clear the sound is coming from the speaker outside.”
Rich Furness, Owner
Dunkin Donuts Franchise
 taco bell logo  “The SpeedThru system has been the best improvement made to drive-thru ordering systems in years. The sound quality is amazing! We have replaced an old analog and newer digital system. In both cases it has drastically improved the quality. Customer service has been second to none. We plan on this system being our new standard system wide."
Kris Moeller
Family Foods, a franchisee of Taco Bell
Arbys logo

"I decided to try your SpeedThru product in one of my high volume stores and I cannot say enough how pleased we are. Most importantly from the customer's point of view and my staff- the sound is crystal clear. From management's point of view- programming is easy, communication between staff is great and we have not had one problem with having to get a unit repaired. As a result I have placed an order for your system for my other stores. I can tell you I am truly impressed with this system and would not hesitate to recommend it to Arby's or a fellow franchisee."
Carl A Loft, Owner
Spurs Inc. dba Arby's Restaurants


  “We have found that the SpeedThru® drive-thru headset system provides us better sound quality both in and outside the restaurant than we were getting from our previous system. In the past, we had a lot of problems with noise coming from car engines in the drive-thru. The SpeedThru®system has eliminated these problems and has clarified the inbound and outbound sound. Additionally, we used to get a lot of annoying wind noise coming through the speaker post and SpeedThru® has taken care of that as well.  We have found SpeedThru® to be trouble free!”
Jeff Hamm, Operations Manager

Rottinghaus Co. Inc. d.b.a. SUBWAY®

 “I’ve had great experiences with Wentworth Technology and their SpeedThru® drive-thru headset system. Wentworth’s customers support is outstanding! It makes it so much easier to run his business when I don’t have to worry about details. On top of that, the SpeedThru product speaks for itself.  We’ve had absolutely no issues so far. I really like the low maintenance design. Because SpeedThru has touch buttons, there are no openings around mechanical buttons, therefore sugars and liquids are no longer a problem for us!  Add to that that my employees, who used to complain about our old headset systems, never have a bad thing to say about SpeedThru.  Wentworth Technology and SpeedThru both make my job easier.”
Jim Saragas, Owner
Heav’nly Donuts

Crane Coffee Customer SpeedThru Testimonial "I want to thank you for the timely installation of our new SpeedThru Headset System. The sound quality is excellent and we benefited from the efficiencies of the system with an immediate increase in speed which, of course, will provide dividends for us. Although employees are generally apprehensive about change, they love the ease of use and are very pleased with the results."
Again, thank you.

Keith Graeve, President
Crane Coffee, Omaha, Nebraska
 Griff's Hamburgers Logo

"We have been exceptionally pleased with the SpeedThru drive thru headset system beginning with the timely and quick installation to the ease of operation as well as the great customer service provided by Wentworth Technologies.  The cashier/customer communication has been greatly enhanced causing fewer miss-fills and the virtually hands free operation has made multitasking easier to the point of seeming that we have added extra staff during meal times!  The SpeedThru system has our drive thrus running quicker, smoother, and with fewer mistakes which enhances the customer’s experience.  We were looking for a cost friendly, easy to operate system with durability and Wentworth Technology has delivered."

Harvey Fattig, Vice President
Griff’s of America, Inc.  


 “I have been participating in a test of the SpeedThru® headset system for Jack in the Box corporate. After using the system for some time, I have found it to be better than the other systems we’ve had (HME). The system provides better overall value for less money. The new headsets are so simple to use with the touch buttons. Also, registering a headset to the base station is much, much simpler than the other systems. Additionally, the inbound sound from the speaker into the restaurant is significantly clearer so we can hear our customers better. The headsets durability has been great too! The headsets appear to be of higher quality than the others we used to use. I even like how the microphone “arm” is integrated for additional strength. Wentworth Technology’s replacement program is also about $200 less a year than HME.  When we did have questions about SpeedThru®, the techs have been very supportive. Most of the time, you don’t want to think about headsets- you just want them to work. With SpeedThru® you forget about them because there just aren’t any issues.”

Steve Flohr
Jack In the Box Franchisee, CA




"My staff thinks the SpeedThru system is great. They really love the headsets! We have found them to be really easy to use. Also, unlike the system we had before, they sound really clear. Hearing the customers correctly is so important to our business. We are really happy that we purchased the SpeedThru drive-thru headset system."
J. N. Brewer, Church's Chicken # 726


"I have been in the QSR industry for over 35 years. I was immediately impressed with the quality and thoughtfulness in the design of the SpeedThru system, the functions and simplicity of programming. The staff enjoys the quality and comfort. I enjoy the dependability and affordability. If these reasons are not enough, I have been thoroughly impressed with the dedication of the Wentworth staff."
John Young, Multi Unit Operator Texas

 SpeedThru® Drive-Thru Headset Systems: Because in your Business... Fast Wins!