We go the distance!

Football field illustrates distance of SpeedThru Drive-thru headset rangeSo, we recently read about a different drive-thru headset system that is touting a “range” further than other headset systems… Well, they didn’t include us. Our headset system will get you 300 feet from the base station in any direction. (Ok, not the down direction!). Yep, that’s 100 yards or about a football field away. That will typically take you out of the restaurant, into the parking lot, out to the garbage corral and maybe a little further than you’d really like an employee to go. But if you do want them to, they still can while always maintaining contact with the drive-thru and the rest of the crew. Even better, because of our DECT protocol, we truly aren’t affected by things like microwaves and WIFI. As a result, the signal is clear and strong, no matter where you are in the restaurant or outside of it! We think that goes a long way to making your life a little easier.