Greeters, Message Repeaters and Alerts



SpeedThru® systems are available with an optional integrated Greeter. The SpeedThru® Greeter has three great customizable features to help improve your store’s efficiency and sales! 

1. The Greeter. Great way to provide timely cross-sell and up-sell messages to your customers!  Also useful for letting customers know news about your location including new operational hours and more! The Greeter plays up to 7 pre-recorded custom messages to customers as they arrive at the order post. It will select which message plays based on the day of the week and the day part selected.

2. Message Repeater. This is a beneficial tool for your employees to stay on top of required regular tasks and increase compliance. The Message Repeater allows up to thirteen pre-recorded messages to play in the headsets and  at scheduled time(s) and days (with your choice of 16 different labels).  No longer will managers have to remind your staff to “wash hands” or “take out the trash.”

3. Alerts.  An alert is a voice message that is repeated in the headsets that is not activated based upon a time, but upon a switch activation. You may connect an infinite number of switches to the base station in parallel. For example- a door opening. No matter which switch is activated, the same message will play. (Note: in our example- the same alert will play when any door is opening and won't distinguish between the different doors).  This is useful for situations where doors may be left open and more!