Important Update for Restaurant Owners: Your equipment may be at risk.

Federial Communicaitons Commission LogoYou may be aware that the US government (FCC) has mandated that drive-thru communication equipment using certain frequencies can no longer be used as of 12/31/12.

This affects some older drive-thru headset systems from competitive suppliers. Restaurants found in violation of this mandate are at risk of a fine up to a $10,000.00 for non-compliance.

This ruling does not impact the usage of any drive-thru headset systems made in recent years. All of Wentworth Technology’s SpeedThru Drive-Thru Headset systems are fully compliant with these US regulations.

Contact Wentworth Technology at 1-877-496-1634 and our knowledgeable customer service team will help you identify your current communicator model.  If you are using older equipment that needs to be updated, we will work with you to choose the right communication system based on your store needs.  On-site demonstrations for the new SpeedThru System can also be scheduled with our national sales team.

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