Care and Feeding of the SpeedThru Headset Battery

SpeedThru headset BatteryLet's face it, you only think about your headset battery when it's dead. You put it on the charger, and hope for the best. At that point, a few questions quickly run through your mind. Does my battery have memory? How long will it last? Did it fully charge?

Wentworth Techology DECT vs. Spread Spectrum

Wentworth Technology's SpeedThru™ wireless system uses a DECT MC/TDMA radio.  There are a lot of letters in that last sentence, but what does this mean and why do I care?

How SpeedThru Eliminates Interference

Throughout all our reseaMicrowave interference with headset systemsrch, we kept hearing the same complaint. Other headset systems have issues with interference. Interference can be caused by things like wireless, wi-fi networks, and microwaves. We knew we could do better.