SpeedThru Headset System


Eighteen months of exhaustive, end-user research has revealed three significant deficiencies in the current Drive Thru systems. The QSR industry lacks a headset system featuring engineered durability/reliability, effective noise-canceling software delivered at an attractive cost of use. Wentworth Technology’s SpeedThru™ “clean sheet” design, targets these market needs, and represents an exciting and innovative solution to a persistent market problem.

Wentworth Technology's SpeedThru™ wireless communication solutions are built from the ground up, designed by listening to customer's feedback on the current products and challenges in the market. With today's leading-edge technologies and materials, we provide you with the most durable, great sounding, and cost-effective solutions on the market today. These features allow you to be accurate and fast- so your customers can SpeedThru the line quickly.

 Superior Noise Canceling Technology Noise canceling technology.
 durable and reliable Durable design. simple operation, easy to use Simple operation.
 touch screen design Gentle touch buttons.
 solid surface design Solid surface design.
 Better value: lower total cost of ownership  Lower total cost of ownership.
 comfortable design  Superior headset comfort.
 Stable design for long wearing comfort Superior headset stability.
 Longer Battery life  Long Battery life. 

It is truly the total package

In the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market, drive-thru time and accuracy are everything. This market requires systems to withstand vigorous abuse and intense environmental factors, while providing unsurpassed audio quality. Our SpeedThru™ Drive-Thru Headset Systems are built to do just that! Additionally, it is one of the simplest systems to run- all at an amazing value!

Your own personal workhorse

These systems take continuous abuse. They never get a break from employees or the work environment. Every component of the SpeedThru headset was designed to be the most robust on the market today. Many of these attributes you'll see right away. Others you will appreciate as the months go by and it keeps on working and working and working... All this lowers your total cost of ownership for the whole system.

Food Service never sounded so good

Additionally, the systems provide crystal clear two-way communications both at the order point as well as in the building. Our sound technology includes customized software architected to provide the clearest speech anywhere. The technology includes acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction, and full-duplex technologies for achieving outstanding performance. The result: speech is clear and intelligible anywhere. SpeedThru provides truly crystal clear sound that others can only talk about.  Wentworth Technology’s system includes:

• Up to 21 dB of Noise Cancellation

• Dual Microphone solution

• Full-duplex, Echo Free Operation

• Optimized for Minimal Power Dissipation and Long Battery Life

We like making things easy

In addition to providing the most robust and clear sounding solution, The SpeedThru system includes intuitive and automatic functionality so setting up and using the system is hassle free. All processes have been streamlined to allow you to focus on what is important- running your business.

American Pride

We include American pride, quality and attention to detail in every unit. Wentworth Technology, Inc. is headquartered in Saco, Maine. Our solutions are designed, assembled, serviced and supported in the USA.

During your busy day, the last thing you will be worrying about is your drive-thru communication system. For more information about our solutions, please contact us directly at 207-571-9744.


Speedthru™ Drive thru headset systems help your customers speed through your drive-thru!