SpeedThru Referral Program


 Wentworth Technology’s  SpeedThru Referral Program

We are so confident that you will love SpeedThru, we know you will want to tell people all about it! So, we'd like to thank you for doing just that! So we are offering our SpeedThru Referral Program  which rewards enrolled customers and registered participants for submitting referrals that become new customers of Wentworth Technology's SpeedThru drive-thru headset systems. It's easy to participate. Just enroll in the program and submit your referrals. When we install those systems, you will reap your rewards! Best of all, there is no limit to the number of businesses you can refer.

With SpeedThru Referral Rewards you can earn an exciting reward of $200 per system purchased!

3 simple steps to participate:

1. Sign the "Wentworth Technology, Inc. Referral Program Terms and Conditions" page.

2. Complete the IRS Form W-9.

3. Return these two forms by email to or fax to Wentworth Technology at: 888.354.2837.

Once you have provided the “Wentworth Technology, Inc. Referral Program Terms and Conditions” contract and an IRS Form W-9 to your sales representative, you will be contacted by your sales representative. At that time, you can share your business contact(s) with the sales representative. They will do the rest. They will schedule a consultative sales call in order to understand the business needs, tell the referral about Wentworth Technology’s SpeedThru system, and if it’s a good fit, suggest the best solution(s) for their business. Rest assured, we know your reputation and ours depends on the quality of our approach and services.

Payment for business referrals is made by check to you, the referrer. Rewards will be forfeited if the referrer’s W-9 and signed Terms and Conditions are not provided to Wentworth Technology either prior to or at the time the referral is given. Rewards will not be distributed until the referred customer has installed and has paid for their system.  Program is valid for all orders submitted prior to 12/31/13.

 If you have any questions, please email