Total Cost of Ownership

lower total cost of ownershipPeople are always worried about price. How much can I get them to cut off the quote? Are there any promotions or discounts?

More important than the initial expense incurred when buying the system is the total cost of ownership of the solutions. Wentworth Technology's SpeedThru system provides not only a good value at time of purchase, but a lower lifetime cost.

How are we different? Built from the ground up, the SpeedThru system is built to last. Typical breakage points have been designed out. Proprietary materials are used to resist degradation by oils and chemicals. Joints have been reinforced or eliminated where-ever possible. Mechanical buttons, a typical point of failure for drive-thru headsets, have been replaced with touch switches.  The list goes on and on. Because they are built to last, you will no longer incur such substantial repair costs, and will not have to replace units as quickly. Additionally, you will not need to participate in costly service contracts.

Speedthru™ Drive thru headset systems help your customers speed through your drive-thru!