Noise Canceling Technologies


Superior Noise Canceling TechnologyWentworth Technologies SpeedThru® wireless drive-thru communication systems provide crystal clear two-way communications both at the order point as well as in the building. Our sound technology includes customized software architected to provide the clearest speech anywhere. Now you can hear for yourself with our competitive comparisons!

Our SpeedThru system addresses four key issues with noise at a drive-thru:

1. Echo reduction: Historically these systems have often had echoes- where you hear your voice or others repeated in the headset. Not only is this annoying, but it can cause delays as you try to distinguish what is really being said. The SpeedThru system's proprietary software eliminates that frustrating echo.

2. Background Noise: Background Noise is inherent to a drive-thru. The restaurants are full of equipment and people making a continuous din. Vehicle engines are continuously running while ordering. These external sounds impact the way orders are heard.  the SpeedThru system uses dual microphones with active noise-canceling software to eliminate these distracting sounds.

3. Lower Noise Floor: Wireless communication systems can make their own noise, that consistent "White noise" that hums or buzzes continuously in the background. Unlike competitive systems, our SpeedThru system provides an exceptionally low noise floor, so there is even less unwanted sound coming through the headset, providing you with more voice.

4. Clear, natural sounding voice: Voices coming through wireless headsets can often sound unnatural. They can sound robotic, tinny, or synthesized. Our microphones and speakers were specially selected to transmit the most accurate voice possible. Combine that with our various noise canceling technologies, and our software which enhances natural voice, and you won't believe the sound quality. The result: speech is clear and intelligible anywhere. SpeedThru provides truly crystal clear sound that others can only talk about.


• DECT 1.9 GHz operating frequency for reduced interference from microwave, Wi-Fi
•Active noise-canceling software in the headset eclipses competitive performance standards
• Dedicated digital signal processing chip to enhance sound quality to and from the order post.
• Dual noise cancelling microphones: one samples the operator's voice, a second samples the ambient noise allowing our exclusive software to eliminate the ambient noise allowing the customer to hear clearly the order taker.
• Up to 21 dB of Noise Cancellation
• Full-duplex, Echo Free Operation
• Optimized for Minimal Power Dissipation and Long Battery Life- allowing up to 2 shifts per charge!

Speedthru™ Drive thru headset systems help your customers speed through your drive-thru!